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Connect with your feelings. Yes that is one of the most beneficial way one could write a book without a “writer’s bloc.” Don’t care about industry standards. Industry is dynamic and it always change. What will not change? Your written and published words!! Even sometimes it can also be rewritable through Amazon and B&N updates, but mostly once you are published your book will become an asset.

The other day somebody tweeted that “It seems to me there are more authors than readers.” It made me laugh, but I asked myself if you are trying to write more, that means you have also read more, and you may be an aspiring writer who still reads and will read in the future. What I mean to say is the author is a reader, aspiring author is also a reader, but excluding these there are millions of readers who read for thrill, experience, and to learn more. Students are readers too. Teachers must be readers, if they won’t read what they would teach. So we don’t have to question that if everybody becomes a writer, then where are readers.

People may have many excuses not to write. Write out whatever you have in your mind. By practicing this you can achieve a lot.

Having your book as an asset is a primary thing. You create blogs around it, you collect fans for it, and you create events and a following for your book. You do a lot many things for your book to become an asset. The immediate best-sellers are different from long-term best sellers. To become best-seller you need to connect with your prospective readers, so to say if some reader wants to interact with you, you don’t shy away or don’t show like “I am an author and I don’t talk with fans!” kind of attitudes, because if you already think you are good author or the best for yourself, which is good for confidence, but don’t show that thing to your readers.

Be a friend to your readers, through that you will learn more. Most readers shy away to talk to authors they like, but you should welcome them to interact with you. Create credibility being a commoner; the reader of your present book will be 90% prospect reader of your next book.

Make your writing an interesting hobby. Take two to three hours a day to write and think on your book, which you are working. While working on that don’t immediately think what your audience would think about your book that would be a major block and another greatest block is concerns about grammar, language, metaphors, the list goes on. We will talk about that later.

Go with the flow of thought as you are talking to yourself or as you are talking to the person somebody you like. If you like your computer that’s great, you have a great companion to listen to you. Talking to myself? That is schizophrenic, is not it? A big NO. Writers were never considered as mad when they are thinking about something to create. You know it, but I am telling you this I want to clear up every doubt a would be writer comes across. I knew few people who think this way.

Again as I say don’t care about industry standards, it is dynamic and will always change. Create new platforms for yourself, reach your audience as much as you can. In this age of information you can publish your book for free with Print-On-Demand and offering E-Books.

E-books correctly marketed itself are a big industry, which is changing the past type of regular publishing.

Even if I complete a thousand books I cannot compare myself to Lee Child, Dan Brown, or J.K. Rowlings. Don’t compare yourself with anybody, because you have your own style. You will be amazed that those trend setters were already beaten by more upcoming e-book publishers in sales. You can become more than what you think of yourself now.

Well writing about fiction is obviously different from nonfiction. Fiction has a different way selling point than nonfiction, but fiction is not reread, but nonfiction is for reference.

What kind of platforms are out there. Internet itself is a great platform where you can do you anything you want regarding selling your books. Go through various free courses on writing and Youtube lectures and interviews by famous authors, how they did it and what is their thinking process is. To say the truth secrets are only kept by amateurs not by professionals.

Don’t care about your style and language. People don’t think language but read in language. So people must understand that whatever kind of English language you write that becomes your original style. Be original, if you try to copy a great author then why people reading that great author would read you. You can miss the exact style and you end up a failure. So being originally is easier than being a copycat.

This is an excerpt from my book on the subject of self-publishing books. This will be a complete A-Z point to point book through which you can learn almost every aspect of the self-publishing your book and selling it successfully and I will also provide you information about some free softwares which are available on net. If you are interested in the whole book subscribe to this blog and I will be in contact with you through blogs and will notify you when it will launch.